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You can store Tab Groups in Google Chrome so you don’t have to continually rebuilding them.

Tab Groups are one of the most helpful new features brought to Chrome in a long time, but they may be difficult to recreate on a daily basis. To address this, Google is working on a feature that will allow users to save Tab Groups in Chrome for later use.

Tab Groups in Chrome may be used to organize tabs in a folder-like fashion, with the ability to color-code, name, and collapse/expand these groups on the fly. They’re quite handy for a hectic workday once they’re set up, but they vanish completely when you shut down for the day.

Google Chrome will soon allow users to save Tab Groups with a single click. Each group’s dropdown menu will get a “Preserve Group” toggle, allowing users to save the group after a reboot. Google describes it this way:

Tab Groups Save

Enable users to explicitly save and recall tab groups

As TechDows points out, this new functionality is already accessible in Chrome Canary. The functionality is still hidden behind a flag that you must activate, and it doesn’t work in our tests. Nonetheless, it’s an indication that this feature isn’t far off. It will operate on all desktop versions of Chrome, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS, once it is released in a stable release.

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