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With iOS 15 entitlement, apps can request more RAM, allowing them to go beyond the system’s standard memory restrictions.

On iOS and iPadOS, a newly documented entitlement will allow app developers to seek privileged access to RAM. This system entitlement was utilized by some internal processes in previous iOS versions as a private escape hatch.

Third-party app developers will be able to take advantage of the move from private to public where appropriate. This will be especially handy on the latest-generation iPad Pro with M1 chip, which has a system RAM maximum of 16 GB but only 5 GB of RAM per app.

Since the first release of iOS, there have been per-app RAM constraints. When memory is low, unlike the Mac, iOS does not exchange memory with the disk. As a result, iOS must carefully manage resources, and developers must anticipate the possibility of their app being expelled at any point.

However, some pro apps in particular, may benefit from the ability to use more system resources than the usual app. Buyers of the new iPad Pro were recently astonished to see that the number of layers accessible in a Procreate canvas was the same whether they had the 8 GB RAM or 16 GB RAM model.

Access to additional memory is not assured, according to the documentation for this entitlement. It’s also unclear how much extra RAM will be provided, given per-app RAM restrictions differ by iOS device.

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