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What are the differences between Apple’s new starlight and midnight hues and the traditional silver and space gray?

Apple eliminated silver and space gray/black for select smartphones with the new items announced on Tuesday, replacing them with new starlight and midnight hues. While we haven’t seen the new hues in person yet, they are unmistakably different.

First off, let’s talk about starlight. Starlight replaces silver for the Apple Watch Series 7, iPad mini, and iPhone 13. It’s more of a champagne color than a shade of silver. It’s much warmer than the natural silver tone that Apple usually uses. Apple has also introduced some starlight accessories that replace the classic white ones.

The starlight sport band and solo loops are more cream-colored than white. They look a lot like the antique white sport band that Apple introduced in 2015. The same color difference is apparent on the iPhone 13 when compared to the iPhone 12. The back glass is slightly warmer than the white on iPhone 12.

Apple’s latest space gray-like hue is called Midnight. It’s accessible on the Apple Watch Series 7 and iPhone 13, just like starlight. For its dark hue, Apple has decided to keep the iPad mini in space gray. Apple also sells late-night accessories such as a sport band and a solo loop.

The midnight finish on the aluminum seems to be a dark blue color. It’s neither black nor space gray. When compared to the black sport band, the midnight sport band that complements the Apple Watch Series 7’s midnight metal body is obviously blue.

The midnight iPhone 13 resembles the black iPhone 12 more than the starlight variant resembles the white iPhone 12. The faint blue tones in the back glass and aluminum rails are visible.

To cut a long tale short, starlight and midnight are very different from the prior devices’ white/silver and space gray/black finishes. If you get silver on a frequent basis, you should probably see stars in person before deciding. If you get black or space gray devices on a frequent basis, you should see midnight in person as well.

Over the coming year, Apple is expected to add starlight and midnight to additional product lines. Next to the present silver MacBook Air, we sketched up what a starlight and midnight MacBook Air might look like. Apple is anticipated to introduce a new MacBook Pro later this year, and it’s conceivable that instead of silver and space gray, the new versions may be available in starlight and midnight.

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