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UnitedHealthcare and Apple have teamed together to provide members with a free year of Fitness+.

Beginning this year, UnitedHealth will provide an Apple Fitness+ benefit to its subscribers. In a press statement, the firm stated that beginning in November, UnitedHealthcare customers in “most states” in the United States will be able to join up for Apple Fitness+ and receive a free 12-month membership.

This is the first time an Apple Fitness+ incentive has been given by a health insurance. Here are some further details:

Starting Nov. 1, as part of their plan benefits, approximately 3 million fully insured UnitedHealthcare members in most states who own an Apple Watch can enroll with Apple Fitness+ and receive a year-long subscription at no additional cost. Employers with self-funded health plans will, starting next year, be able to purchase an “Apple Fitness Bundle,” which provides a 12-month subscription to Apple Fitness+ as well as a $25 Apple digital gift card.

Apple’s senior director of fitness technologies, Jay Blahnik, said in a statement that the firm is “happy to partner with UnitedHealthcare to provide this offer for Apple Fitness+ to millions of individuals wanting to get and remain inspired to live a healthy lifestyle.”

“With our friendly trainers leading a variety of workouts fueled by music that will keep you going from start to finish, the new guided Meditations coming next week, and the metrics from your Apple Watch right on the screen, Fitness+ has many ways to keep you active no matter where you are on your fitness journey,” Blahnik added.

Finally, consumers registered in UnitedHealthcare Motion may now utilize “program incentives earned to support an ongoing Apple Fitness+ monthly membership,” according to the firm. This is in addition to the free 12-month subscription offered by the company.

Customers who complete specific daily activity targets, such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or strength training, can earn more than $1,000 per year in financial rewards via UnitedHealthcare Motion.

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