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These Android Apps are the most at risk of being hacked


Every day, it seems like a new security vulnerability is discovered. Chrome has recently been updated to address a security flaw. The Print Spooler application from Microsoft is still having problems. There are currently over 150,000 items in the National Vulnerability Database. So, how’s it going with your phone?

According to the Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center, 63 percent of the 3,335 free and paid mobile apps in the Google Play store have known security flaws as of Q1 2021. Surprisingly, it also discovered that each program has an average of 39 vulnerabilities.

Gaming and financial apps were determined to have the highest vulnerabilities out of the 18 categories studied. Almost all of the top free games on Google Play had flaws—specifically, 96%. When you consider that games account for 94% of top-grossing games and 80% of top-paid games, it’s evident that games are the most dangerous menace to your phone.

The next most risky category, financial apps, should be the most well-protected. It was discovered that 88% of banking applications, 84% of budgeting apps, and 80% of payment apps were all vulnerable in some way. This is highly troubling because these apps are supposed to manage some of our most sensitive data.

The good news is that only 44% of the vulnerabilities detected in Android apps were rated as high-risk. Moreover, 94% of the existing vulnerabilities were discovered to have publicly documented solutions.

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