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The term ‘iPhone 13’ appears in an Apple package leak.

Despite concerns that Apple will avoid the “unlucky” number, a fresh leaked image of iPhone packaging appears to indicate that the next model would be called the “iPhone 13.”

Approximately one-fifth of iPhone owners said they were superstitious about the number 13 and didn’t want Apple to utilize it for the next iPhone in a recent poll. Apple is now using the moniker “iPhone 13” in what looks to be a close-up shot of new packaging.

Following the publication of a close-up photograph of an Apple Watch band by Twitter user DuanRui, the same poster has since posted a fresh photo of “iPhone 13” packaging.

DuanRui emphasizes that he is simply reporting a photograph discovered on Chinese social networking site Weibo, possibly in light of Apple’s crackdown on leakers.

The source of the initial posting isn’t mentioned, and there aren’t any further specifics other than the name.

The leak appears to corroborate earlier supply chain claims that Apple will adopt the moniker “iPhone 13.”

DuanRui has previously shared similar-sourced pictures, including one of what seems to be a “iPhone 13” screen cover. That image looks to corroborate reports that Apple is shrinking the size of the Face ID notch on upcoming models.

The moniker “iPhone 12 mini” was similarly leaked a few weeks before its release in 2020. However, there was no photograph of the package with that leak.

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