The OnePlus Buds Pro forego Google Fast Phair in favor of a solution that is exclusively available on OnePlus devices.

Last year, the OnePlus Buds series provided two outstanding sets of truly wireless earbuds that, owing to Google Fast Pair compatibility, were great alternatives for all Android users. The OnePlus Buds Pro, on the other hand, are much better, but they don’t support Google Fast Pair at all.

Back in the day, both the OnePlus Buds and the OnePlus Buds Z supported Google Fast Pair. This is a standard for accessories, such as earphones and smartwatches, that allows for quicker pairing with Android smartphones and sharing of the equipment across many Android devices using the same Google account. It’s a helpful feature that accessory designers aren’t taking use of.

That’s why it’s sad to see that OnePlus has officially removed the functionality from its Pro model earphones.

While the OnePlus Buds Pro do not support Google Fast Pair, the company was quick to point out that OnePlus phones do have a fast pairing option.

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