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The new green Apple Watch Series 7 color looks like this in real life.

We’ve only now received our new Apple Watch Series 7, and we’ve acquired the new green variant. Much has been said about how the new watch colors appear in person, particularly the green, which Apple is emphasizing the most. We can safely claim it’s one of the nicest aluminum finishes Apple has ever released now that we’ve seen it.

The watch appears to be considerably more green in Apple’s marketing materials than it is in real life. This disappointed me at first, but after spending some time with it, I’m glad it’s not too bright. It’s still plainly green, but it has a dark, menacing appearance to it.

I prefer it over Apple’s earlier space gray finishes, as well as the new midnight finish. From certain angles, it seems to be quite dark, and in other cases, it appears to be black. It’s a sleek forest green under ideal lighting. I’m wearing the green Series 7 with the new sequoia green leather link band, and the higher-end band complements the aluminum finish beautifully.

The green aluminum watch is seen next to the gold stainless steel Series 6 watch. The rounded edges really bring off the new colors by allowing the light to fall just perfectly on them. I’ve always favored stainless steel watches to aluminum watches, but this new green finish is the first aluminum watch that I genuinely adore.

Because of the green Digital Crown, you can plainly tell that the watch is green from the front. Because the borders around the display are considerably smaller, the green watch faces go all the way to the edge of the casing and are just near enough to touch it so it feels like one continuous item.

Take a look at them in person if you’re on the fence about which metal Apple Watch color to purchase this year. They appear far better in Apple shops than on the internet. In person, even the red and blue models seem nicer.

What are your thoughts on the Series 7 green Apple Watch? Would you like to see this new finish on more Apple devices? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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