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The lockscreen weather shortcut displays a report and beautiful photographs instantly.

Broank, a designer and developer, has designed a lovely lockscreen weather Shortcut that replaces your lockscreen wallpaper with a lovely photo and the current weather forecast. You’ll need iOS 15 and an iPhone X or later to use the Shortcut.

It collects nature and landscape photographs from a free stock photography website by default, but you can modify that if you like…

Rain or shine. Update your Lockscreen wallpaper with beautiful live weather conditions. Wetr is a Shortcut that sets a new wallpaper and overlays weather conditions on top, each time you run it.

Beautiful Themes. 4 themes to choose from, or let Auto theme control Light and Dark for you.

On your iPhone, go to the shortcut page and tap the Download button to install it. After that, you’ll be asked to allow a long list of permissions, including the ability to download from Github. Obviously, you should only provide these kinds of rights to developers you trust; I do, so I did.

It must be started manually by hitting the Shortcut button or via Siri by default. However, putting up a personal automation is a superior method to automate things. The process is a little awkward if you’ve never done it before, but the website has a detailed walk-through.

I scheduled it to start at 7 a.m. every day.

Broank also has a variety of additional Shortcuts, such as an iOS 6 overlay for a vintage iPhone-style homescreen! Of course, you’ll still have to swipe up to unlock the phone.

There’s also a Shortcut for making your own wallpapers.

The new WallCreator shortcut can generate a custom wallpaper with a solid color or a gradient with just a few taps. Once you add the shortcut and run it, WallCreator will ask you to to choose a wallpaper type.

This is in addition to more than a hundred additional updates and enhancements.

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