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The cloud streaming of Xbox Game Pass is now fully supported by Series X hardware.

Microsoft is stacking the deck in favor of its cloud gaming technology, announcing this week that xCloud is now completely powered by Xbox Series X hardware.

Microsoft has verified that the Series X hardware is now fully powered by the update to its xCloud backend for Xbox Game Pass. The update was initially revealed earlier this year as a replacement for the Xbox One S hardware that had previously supported Microsoft’s cloud gaming aspirations.

Microsoft can boost framerates and loading times for players thanks to the improved hardware behind the scenes. It also means that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will be able to stream newer titles, as well as providing some future-proofing for the firm. For the time being, Xbox Game Pass streaming is limited to 1080p/60fps. Still, the Series X technology beneath the hood opens the door to 4K cloud gaming in the future, but Microsoft has yet to make an announcement on the subject, leaving Google Stadia as the only cloud gaming platform that supports 4K for now.

Microsoft has recently expanded Xbox cloud gaming to new areas, added support for xCloud to browsers and Windows 10, and promised support for xCloud on Xbox consoles later this year. Microsoft also intends to make xCloud available on standalone streaming devices for usage on televisions.

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