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The August 2021 Samsung security update is now available for these Galaxy devices.


Android upgrades aren’t flawless, but they’re getting better year after year. Samsung has recently established a great update track record, and is currently among the best in the industry when it comes to Android upgrades. The August 2021 security update is already being rolled out to Samsung’s Galaxy range. The whole list may be seen below.

What’s new in Samsung’s August 2021 security update?

Samsung began rolling out its August 2021 security update on July 27, almost a week before Google normally announces the list of fundamental security problems that this patch resolves on the first Monday of July. It’s a significant plus for Galaxy users to be among the first Android phones to get software updates, and it’s one of the main reasons to have a Samsung phone in the first place.

The update details include 38 patches from Google’s August 2021 Android Security Bulletin, including a number of high-level or critical fixes ranging from severe to moderate. Fortunately, none of these concerns are specific to Samsung hardware. The fixes, on the other hand, guard against a vulnerability involving IV (Initialization Vectors) and UAF (Uniform Access Framework) (Use After Free). The latter allows the conn gadget driver to take use of free memory.

This patch does not include any new features at this time. For chosen Galaxy devices, previous upgrades provided new camera choices and broader software improvements. This time, though, there was no such luck.

Samsung devices that have received the August 2021 security update

Which Samsung devices will receive the security update in August 2021? Samsung’s list is now rather short, but it will grow rapidly. Samsung is already handing out monthly fixes to four smartphones as of July 30, which is amazing considering we’re just halfway through the month.

This list will include information about when and where the update was initially released, as well as if it is also accessible in the United States. The most recent additions will be bolded, as is customary.

Galaxy S Series

It should come as no surprise that handsets like the Galaxy S21 series, which are Samsung’s flagship line and among the best-selling worldwide, will be among the first to receive the August 2021 security upgrade. The OTA update was initially seen on Galaxy S21 units in Chinese regions on August 4, followed by a deployment to Exynos-powered worldwide units on August 4 commencing with Germany, followed by a maiden incursion into the US with Xfinity-locked handsets, but has since seeded to unlocked models as of August 11. The updates carry slightly different firmware build numbers, as the Chinese variant does come without GMS or Play Store access.

The Galaxy S20 FE, a superb affordable flagship, was the second Galaxy S model to get the August 2021 security patch. From August 11, the patch will be available for the 4G-only Exynos models and now the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 variants of the Galaxy S20 FE in a number of European countries. The Galaxy S9, which is hardly a flagship smartphone, received the August 2021 security patch as part of the quarterly update schedule in Europe, but the update began arriving on T-Mobile customers in the United States on August 14.

The newest security patch for Samsung’s cheap flagship Galaxy S10 Lite began rolling out on August 6, with the deployment starting in Spain for the late-2019 smartphone. The distribution for Galaxy S20 users began in the United States for unlocked smartphones on August 11, followed by an expansion for Exynos variants on August 11.

Galaxy Note series

Hardcore Samsung Galaxy Note enthusiasts will, regrettably, remember 2021 as a year to forget. The series appears to be coming to an end, with Samsung focusing primarily on the Fold and Galaxy S lines going ahead. If you have an older Note series phone, the August 2021 security patch is already starting to trickle out.#

The now-ancient Galaxy Note 8 was upgraded on August 6 in the United Kingdom and Spain, only a few days after the August update for the late-2020 Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra flagship smartphones began rolling out in the United States. Samsung began spreading the August patch for the Note 20 series around the globe on August 9, not forgetting foreign owners of Exynos devices. To assist distinguish it, it has a slightly different build number.

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