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The Apple TV app will be available on Xfinity, Sky Q, and other Comcast platforms, broadening the reach of Apple TV+.

Apple is continuing to expand the availability of the Apple TV app in order to boost the number of people who use Apple TV+, the company’s streaming service. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said today on the company’s quarterly earnings conference that the company has reached an agreement with Apple to deliver Apple TV+ to Comcast platforms.

This implies that the Apple TV app will soon be accessible on the Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex, and future XClass TV sets, as well as the Sky Q cable box, a prominent participant in the UK market.

Apple TV+, the iTunes Store collection of rentable movies and TV series, and Apple TV Channels are all available through the Apple TV app.

This is the first time Apple has announced an agreement for Apple TV+ with a traditional cable network. Unfortunately, no specific release date has been set. The app will be available in ‘the coming months,’ according to a Comcast spokeswoman.

Along with the arrival of the Comcast TV app, Apple TV will also get the Comcast Stream app.

Apple has aggressively rolled out the Apple TV app to a wide variety of third-party devices, including smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, games consoles, and more, to support its catalog of exclusive original TV shows and movies.

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