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Surface Book 4 specs, features, and what we know so far


Microsoft is hard at work on a new flagship laptop, which many expect to replace the Surface Book, Microsoft’s flagship laptop line since its debut in 2015.

Release date and availability

Because Microsoft has not yet announced the arrival of new hardware, we do not have an official release or availability date. However, Microsoft always holds a hardware event in the fall, usually in October, and we hear that this year will be no exception.
Assuming the device is announced in October, the Surface Book 4 will most likely not be available until late October in some markets and later in others. Because of the global chip shortage, it is unknown which markets will be available for the Surface Book 4 outside of the United States.

Microsoft is also expected to reveal a few other devices in October, including the Surface Duo 2 and Surface Pro 8.

What to expect


The Surface Book 4 is still shrouded in mystery, but a recent patent filing may have given us a sneak peek at its design.
This patent filing depicts a display that, like the Surface Studio, can be pulled forward.

A non-detachable design may also allow Microsoft to include more powerful processors. The Surface Book’s current design only supports U-series processors, which have a maximum of four cores. Most power-user grade laptops, such as Dell’s 15 and 17-inch XPS laptops, have 6-core or even 8-core processor options. So we wouldn’t be surprised if this new laptop design includes options for more powerful processors.

A new “pull forward” design for a forthcoming Surface tablet has been disclosed in a recent patent application. This is most likely a design that will be used in Microsoft’s next flagship laptop, which we’re calling the Surface Book 4 for the time being.

We also know that the Surface Book 4 will have RTX graphics, a larger trackpad, and a 14-inch display with a high-refresh rate pane that adjusts dynamically.

The Surface Book 4 will also be one of the first devices to ship with Windows 11, which includes a number of new features that may benefit from new hardware, including:

  • Dynamic Refresh Rate
  • New Haptic Surface Pen


The Surface Book 4’s price is currently unknown. Given that it will most likely be positioned as a more powerful and versatile Surface Laptop, it’s possible that prices will begin around the same as a Surface Book 3 at $1,599. That being said, we have no idea how Microsoft intends to price this device, as it will most likely be considered a new form factor with a new design and limited availability at first.

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