Spotify and Netflix are attempting to compete with Apple Music and TV+ by launching a new hub dedicated to popular series.

Spotify and Netflix are collaborating on a new project. With this agreement, the music-streaming service will give the video streaming firm with a “complete audio-streaming experience,” similar to what Apple provides with Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Podcasts.

In a blog post, Spotify stated:

Today’s trending shows and movies aren’t just inspiring fandoms, they’re also fueling internet-wide obsessions. So much so that within two weeks of Squid Game’s debut on Netflix, Spotify listeners had created more than 22,500 unique themed playlists to keep the experience going. It’s clear that after the credits roll, viewers are left wanting even more — and they come to Spotify to hear it.

So starting today, the two streaming companies are coming together to launch an all-new Netflix Hub on Spotify where fans can get the full audio-streaming experience from the entertainment they love.

Listeners in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and India may access official soundtracks, playlists, and podcasts, as well as unique Spotify content, through the Netflix Hub on Spotify.

Users may “discover and sing along to the music behind some of their favorite Netflix episodes” by searching for “Netflix” on Spotify, according to the blog post.

Within the hub, fans will have easy access to official playlists for buzzy TV hits like La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)Bridgerton, and On My Block, as well as the official soundtrack for shows like Squid GameBruised, and Cowboy Bebop. Creators are also here to explore the shows and movies you can’t stop talking about on Netflix-related podcasts like Okay, Now ListenNetflix Is A Daily Joke, 10/10 (Would Recommend), and The Crown: The Official Podcast

This Spotify Netflix Hub appears to be pretty similar to what Apple offers with its own services. If you like Dickinson, The Morning Show, or For All Mankind, for example, you can listen to the season tracks on Apple Music and learn more about the shows through original Apple Podcasts.

It’s worth noting that while Spotify doesn’t require a membership to access these capabilities, and while Apple doesn’t require a subscription for its own original podcasts, consumers who are connected to Apple Music, Spotify, Apple TV+, and Netflix will get the most out of these extra features.

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