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Shipments of Mac computers have increased by 24%. Thanks to the M1 chip, IPad sales are declining.

According to new Canalys statistics released today, although PC shipments in the United States increased by 17% last quarter, Apple suffered a 3% drop in shipments compared to the same period last year. Apple was the only major PC manufacturer to see negative growth, which Canalys blames to a drop in iPad demand.

The Canalys statistics, as expected, focuses on both tablets and conventional PCs. Apple’s Mac shipments increased by 24% year over year, according to Canalys, owing to the success of the M1 processor and the Apple Silicon transition:

For the second quarter in a row, HP led the US PC market, with over 8 million devices shipped. HP continued to dominate the Chromebook market too, with a 42% market share in the US. Apple remained second in the US PC market despite a 3% decline. It was the only major PC vendor to post negative growth. This can be attributed to iPad demand tailing off. Apple had more success with notebooks, with 24% year-on-year shipment growth, partly due to the success of the M1 chip. Dell saw comparatively modest growth, at 11%. Lenovo and Samsung continued to outperform other vendors, posting 25% and 51% growth, respectively, in PC sales-out.

The tablet market as a whole fell 1% in the third quarter, which Canalys blames in part to a tough year-over-year comparison. Other tablet manufacturers have also gained ground on Apple in the last year, according to the data:

The tablet market has showed signs of slowing in 2021, posting a 1% decline this quarter from its spike earlier in the pandemic, in Q2 2020. The tablet market ballooned in 2020 as consumers were stuck at home, with families looking for extra screens for entertainment and communication. That surge has faded slightly and lacks the future refresh cycle strength that notebooks will see from purchases made early in the pandemic. iPads performed well in Q2 2020 as Apple kept up with component shortages better than its key competitors. Since then, other vendors have made up ground, leading to Apple shrinking while Amazon and Samsung have grown.

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