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New Heart Reports, respiratory rate support, and more have been added to the Heart Analyzer for iPhone and Apple Watch.

One of the finest and most powerful methods to display the health data obtained by your Apple Watch is using Heart Analyzer for iPhone and Apple Watch. Heart Analyzer has been updated with a number of new features and improvements, including new Heart Reports, a revamped Heart Home, and more.

Heart Analyzer, for those who are unaware, uses the data acquired by your Apple Watch to display it in a number of innovative and enlightening ways. Data such as blood oxygen saturation, heart rates, ECG findings, and much more may be shown using the app.

Heart Analyzer is specifically designed for Apple Watch, using your heart rate data to produce amazing charts, metrics and reports on data you didn’t even know was there! By leveraging the full power of Apple Watch and all the data it measures to the Health App, Heart Analyzer can help you understand your data and identify personal trends.

With Heart Reports and a revamped Heart Home, today’s update to Heart Analyzer focuses on new ways to examine data. Both Heart Reports and the Heart Home are fully configurable, allowing you to select parameters and timeframes. Support for respiratory rate and smart heart rate recovery has also been added in this version.

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