Netflix has launched a website with a list of its top ten titles from around the world.

Netflix debuted a new ranking page on Tuesday that displays the company’s Top 10 titles in various locations across the world. This follows the company’s statement in October that a forthcoming adjustment in its viewing metrics will be implemented.

The website displays the top ten most-watched movies and episodes on Netflix throughout the world, as the name implies. The rankings are divided into four categories: film (english), television (english), film (non-english), and television (english) (Non-English).

According to The Verge, each title has an indication that shows how many weeks it was in the top 10 and how many hours it was seen. Netflix also shows which nations viewed the most of each movie or episode. Every week on Tuesday, the list will be updated with data from Monday through Sunday.

We consider each season of a series and each film on their own, so you might see both Stranger Things seasons 2 and 3 in the Top 10. Because titles sometimes move in and out of the Top 10, we also show the total number of weeks that a season of a series or film has spent on the list. […] All of the weekly lists and weeks in the Top 10 on the site start from June 28, 2021.

It’s worth remembering that Netflix’s Top 10 includes both its own original material and licensed movies and series. Netflix said last month that instead of using the two-minute watching statistic to calculate its Top 10 ranking, it will now use the total number of hours seen.

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