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Microsoft Teams’ macOS app now has native notification.


Microsoft Teams is getting a feature that has been wanted for a long time. Anyone using macOS 10.15 or later is starting to get native notification support in the macOS app.

This information was uncovered in a forum post by Windows Latest after a Teams Engineer responded to a nearly five-year-old suggestion that Microsoft Teams integrate macOS notifications.

This functionality initially arrived on Windows 10 devices earlier this year, and it’s been trickling out to all macOS 10.15 and newer users since last week.

Microsoft Teams customers may now leverage Do Not Disturb settings, Notification center triaging, and more in addition to native notifications.

We are thrilled to share that Teams now supports Mac OS notifications on Mac OS 10.15 and above. With release of this feature, Teams honours OS notification features such as Do No Disturb, Notification center triaging and more,

Slack, Microsoft Teams’ competitor, has also added several wonderful features in recent months, such as “Huddles,” an audio function for re-creating informal office talks, and Scheduled Send capabilities in June, which allows users to prewrite some messages and send them at the appropriate moment.

Slack noted in a statement released in June that this new functionality is intended to make it easier for employees working on different schedules and in different time zones to interact successfully. This capability was previously available in services like as Gmail, but its addition to Slack is significant.

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