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Microsoft is working to fix the rounded corners in Windows 11 ahead of its October release.


A large range of UI elements and menus will be updated to WinUI 2.6 or WinUI 3 with Windows 11. Windows 11 will reintroduce rounded corners to the desktop operating system as part of the design upgrade.

In Windows 11, several of the most prominent UI elements, menus, and buttons, such as the context menu and flyouts, have rounded corners. Microsoft is integrating softened edges with Windows 11 instead of the customary sharp edges aesthetic that has been a significant component of the operating system since Windows 8.

Even classic apps and pages, like as the Control Panel and Disk Management tool, have rounded corners. The rounded edges for window frames in Windows 11 feature some unexpected white pixels/artifacts, as you’re surely aware. As a result, rounded corners take on a jagged appearance.

With Windows 11 Build 22000.120 preview, Microsoft has finally fixed the issue. The problem has been mainly fixed in the update, and rounded corners now look excellent in dark mode, although the borders may still look odd in some places, such as the top left of the Feedback Hub.


Microsoft verified that the issue with white artifacts appearing on the corners of windows has been resolved in a post on Feedback Hub. On Windows 11, desktop apps like Steam’s chat windows are now better antialiased as a result of the upgrade.

Thank you for submitting your feedback! We fixed an issue where white artifacts were appearing on the corners of windows in Build 22000.120, which is now available in the Dev Channel

Microsoft on Feedback Hub

Arriving later this year

Although Windows 11 is currently in early preview, various papers indicate that it will be delivered to users in October 2021.

It will, however, begin rolling out to all devices that match the basic requirements in early 2022. You can continue to use Windows 10 even if your device does not satisfy the minimum requirements.

While the Start menu and rounded corners will be exclusive to Windows 11, the new app store and enhanced inbox apps will be available to Windows 10 users soon.

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