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Memoji gets a makeover in iOS 15 with over 40 costumes, accessibility settings, and more.

During the WWDC21 keynote, Apple announced iOS 15. Along with new iMessage and FaceTime experiences, Apple is also enhancing the Memoji feature with more personalization options.

Since its debut during Apple’s iPhone X presentation, this feature has been a huge hit. Memoji, which uses the TrueDepth sensor to respond to your face, has gotten a lot of attention over the years.

This functionality, for example, has been used by many people – including Apple – to make entertaining karaokes. This function has grown in popularity when the firm released Memoji Sticker, making it available to all iPhone users.

Apple adds a little more personalization every year: tongue support, new accessibility features, spectacles, and so on. Now that iOS 15 has been out for over a week. Right now, you have a number of options for customizing your Memoji avatar.

Here’s what’s new with it:

  • Clothing: Users can now customize their Memoji with over 40 outfit choices to reflect your style, mood, or the season and choose up to three different colors;
  • New accessibility options: Three new accessibility options let you represent yourself with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, or a soft helmet;
  • New stickers: Nine new Memoji stickers let you send a shaka, a hand wave, a lightbulb moment, and more.
  • Two different eye colors: Now you can select a different color for your left eye and your right eye;
  • New glasses: Customize your character with three new glasses options, including heart, star, and retro shapes. Select the color of your frame and lenses;
  • Multicolored headwear: Represent your favorite sports team or university by choosing up to three colors for headwear.

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