Like every other Wear OS watch, the Galaxy Watch 4 does not support Google Prompt 2FA alerts.

In today’s digital environment, two-factor authentication is a vital security tool, but making it convenient is crucial. Google Prompt makes 2FA simple, but unlike every other Wear OS watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 does not support the function.

Since 2016, almost every Wear OS wristwatch has been able to see Google Prompt alerts from a linked smartphone. The prompt allows users to approve or refuse the sign-in attempt without having to take their phone out of their pocket, which is a major time saver for those who use the function frequently.

Unfortunately, unlike on “stock” Wear OS devices, this feature does not operate on the Galaxy Watch 4.

Instead, like other Samsung smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 4 shows Google Prompt alerts. The Google Prompt notification appears on the user’s watch, but there is no option to accept the prompt via the watch. Rather, it must be opened and accepted on the phone, as seen below.

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