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iPad shipments in Western Europe increased by 73% in Q2 2021, while Mac shipments increased by 11%.

According to Canalys’ newest statistics, iPad shipments in Western Europe increased by a whopping 73 percent year over year in Q2 2021.

According to Canalys, this is due in part to the popularity of M1-powered iPad Pro devices, but a second element also had a role during the epidemic…

Many people have discovered that iPads are an excellent alternative for computers for some sorts of work and studying at home. The iPad can satisfy the demands of many people with the addition of a Magic Keyboard or a third-party device.

Tablet shipments in Western Europe grew by 18%, with 7.9 million units shipped. “Tablets are no longer just devices for entertainment but have emerged as cheaper alternatives to PCs for remote working and learning, and are especially popular among students with basic needs,” said Pham. The tablet space in Western Europe has long been dominated by Apple, which grew shipments 73% in Q2 2021. Apple’s latest release of the M1-powered iPad Pro was warmly received in Western Europe. 

Apple’s market share increased to 36 percent as a result of this rise, making it the leading player by a wide margin. Lenovo was the only other big brand to see a rise in shipments, up 87 percent to a 20 percent share, owing to low-cost versions that compete with the iPad.

Apple’s share of the Western European PC market increased from 8% to 9% as a result of the increase in Mac shipments.

Canalys expects further expansion, but at a slower pace.

After extensive vaccine rollouts, Western European nations have mostly lifted COVID restrictions, paving the way for business, education and social activities to resume.

Canalys has previously observed that the second quarter in Western Europe’s PC market is usually weaker, and Q2 2021 was no exception.

“Many workers have now been asked to return to the office, students have been attending classes since early March and social gatherings are once again popular. Overall, the economic recovery looks promising in Western Europe. Demand for PC  products is still growing, but unlikely to skyrocket again without another catalyst as strong as the 2020 pandemic’s digital acceleration,” said Canalys Research Manager Ben Stanton. 

When Apple’s long-awaited M1X 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are released in either Q3 or Q4, the business is expected to see a significant increase in Mac sales. According to a reliable leaker, both computers will have the same CPU performance — albeit 14-inch purchasers will pay a premium for this.

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