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iOS 15 is now available.

iOS 15 adds new ways to remain connected, strong improvements to help users focus and explore, and intelligent features to help people get more done with their iPhone. New features like Live Text employ on-device intelligence to expose relevant information, Maps improvements give entirely new ways to traverse the globe, and much more. As of today, iOS 15 is available as a free software upgrade.

Enhancements to Make FaceTime Calls Feel More Natural

FaceTime is more important than ever, allowing users to stay in touch with the ones that matter the most. FaceTime audio and visual features have been updated to make conversations seem more realistic and lifelike. Voices in a Group FaceTime conversation seem like they’re coming from the direction the individual is positioned on the screen thanks to spatial audio. Speech Isolation, a new microphone setting, employs machine learning to filter out background noise and prioritize the user’s voice, whereas Wide Spectrum lets every last bit of background sound through. Portrait mode in FaceTime blurs a user’s backdrop and puts them in the spotlight, inspired by the gorgeous portrait photographs shot on iPhone. 2 Third-party apps like Webex, Zoom, and WhatsApp can employ Voice Isolation, Wide Spectrum, and Portrait mode. In a new grid view, Group FaceTime allows you to display members in same-size tiles.

Effortless Ways to Stay Focused During the Day

Focus is a new feature in iOS 15 that helps users decrease distraction by filtering alerts depending on what they want to focus on right now. For example, the Work Focus may be used during job hours to enable only alerts from coworkers and work-related applications, the Personal Focus can be used when socializing with friends and family, and the Fitness Focus can be used to keep a user in the zone when working out. Users may build their own Focus or choose from a list of pre-made Focuses that utilize on-device intelligence to recommend which alerts from individuals and applications are permitted. Users may create dedicated Home Screen pages with appropriate applications and widgets to match a certain Focus to enhance their ability to focus even further.

When you use Focus, a status is automatically shown to contacts in Messages and compatible third-party communication applications like Slack, letting them know not to interrupt you. Users will also be given options for turning on a Focus depending on criteria like as time of day or location, and once a Focus is set on one Apple device, it applies to all of the user’s Apple devices.

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