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In the most recent release, Firefox Focus for iOS has been redesigned.

Firefox Focus is a browser that doesn’t have any tabs, advertisements, or trackers. It’s an option for those super-quick searches you want to keep distinct from your regular browser, according to Mozilla. It’s getting a makeover today, as well as a fresh update.

Firefox Focus now has a new simple and distraction-free look with version 38. In addition, the browser allows you to pin up to four shortcuts to your home screen.

“Super fast surfing with ad blocking and tracking protection” is also included in the upgrade. Users benefit from considerably quicker page load times as a result of this. By default, the software disables a wide range of trackers, including social trackers and those generated by Facebook advertising.

Mozilla’s team talks more about this change in a blog post:

“We added a fresh new look with new colors, a new logo and a dark theme. We added a shortcut feature so that users can get to the sites they visit the most. And with privacy in mind you will see the privacy Tracking Protection Shield icon which is accessible from the search bar so you can quickly turn the individual trackers on or off when you click the shield icon. Plus, we added a global counter that shows you all the trackers blocked for you.“

Because of its minimalist appearance and simplified functionality, Firefox Focus has gotten a lot of attention. All of your browser history may be erased with a single swipe. Not only that, but the app may be blocked using Face ID or Touch ID.

Mozilla’s team also mentions in this blog post that Firefox for iOS will get a password manager with three additional capabilities later this year:

  • Creating and adding new passwords is easy – When creating an account for any app on your mobile device, you can also create and add a new password, which you can save directly in the Firefox browser and you can use it on both mobile and desktop;
  • Take your passwords with you on the go – You’ll be able to easily autofill your password on your phone and use any password you’ve saved in the browser to log into any online account like your Twitter or Instagram app. No need to open a web page. Plus, if you have a Firefox account then you can sync all your passwords across desktop and mobile devices; 
  • Unlock your passwords with your fingerprint or face – Only you will be able to safely open your accounts when you use your operating system’s biometric security, such as your face or your fingerprint touch to unlock the access page to your logins and passwords.

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