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In Messages, iOS 15.2 beta 2 offers a new communication safety feature.

The second developer beta of iOS 15.2 has been released, and it offers a major new feature. iOS 15.2 beta 2 offers support for the new communication safety feature in the Messages app, according to Apple. This is one of the features that Apple initially mentioned in August but had to postpone due to backlash.


To begin, keep in mind that Apple’s initial August announcement contained three separate features: CSAM detection for iCloud Photos, changes to Siri and Search to better manage dangerous circumstances, and Messages communication safety.

Only the new communication safety feature in Messages is included in today’s release of iOS 15.2 beta 2. It excludes CSAM detection as well as Siri and Search Guidance from the package. The contentious CSAM detection technology has yet to be released, but Apple has stated that the Siri and Search upgrades will arrive later this year.

What’s changed

The basic basics of the communication function are that when receiving or sending nudity-containing photographs, the Messages app will warn youngsters, however the option is not activated by default. Instead, a parent or guardian can use Family Sharing to enroll their child in the feature.

When a youngster gets a nudity-containing image on the Messages app, the image will be blurred. The youngster will be cautioned and given tools to assist them, but they will have the option to watch the image nevertheless. When a youngster tries to email a nudity-containing photograph, similar safeguards are in effect.

In response to concerns and criticism, Apple has made several adjustments to the version of this feature that was revealed in August. Apple had originally designed the function so that parents of children under the age of 13 would be warned if their kid viewed a nude image in Messages.

Apple said it received criticism after unveiling the feature that the warning mechanism might put the youngster in danger in certain instances. As a result, the feature’s implementation in iOS 15.2 beta 2 is centered on giving the youngster more power. Apple now notes that children of any age can message someone they trust for help if they choose to, but that this decision is now distinct from whether or not they view the image.

It’s crucial to know, from a privacy and security sense, that Messages examines picture attachments to see whether they include nudity. The communications are encrypted from beginning to end, and no sign of their nudity leaves the user’s device.

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