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In iOS 15.2, you can now search through Apple Music playlists.

Apple published the third developer and public betas of iOS 15.2 yesterday, and the update contains a major adjustment to the Music app in addition to the improvements announced yesterday. You may now search for a specific song within a playlist for the first time.

This has been a long-requested feature for Apple Music, and it’s surprising (frustrating?) that it’s taken so long. Of course, the search bar is concealed within the user interface, as is customary with Apple. To use the new search box, launch a playlist in your iPhone’s Music app and scroll down from the top to display the new “Search” section.

Apple Music playlists still have a long way to catch up to the competition, with Reddit users pointing out that they lack numerous current collaboration tools, sorting options, and other features. Even if it’s long overdue, the addition of a “Search” option is a welcome move in the right direction.

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