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In China, Apple is being sued for failing to provide iPhone chargers in the package.

In China, Apple is being sued for not including iPhone chargers in the package. According to the source, the action has been filed for ‘public interest’ status, implying that it might be expedited or given a bigger prominence.

It comes after Apple was obliged to continue to offer EarPods with iPhones in France, as well as a consumer protection penalties in Brazil for the same reason…


Every new iPhone supplied by Apple has traditionally come with a charging cable and a set of EarPods. Last year, Apple decided to remove both products from the iPhone 12 packaging, citing environmental concerns.

For the first time, neither the power charger brick nor the Apple EarPods will be included with your iPhone purchase. Apple says doing this will save 2 million metric tons of carbon annually.

While some people agreed with Apple’s argument, others said the firm made the decision to save money by selling additional accessories.

Apple was fined $2 million in Brazil by the consumer protection commission for “misleading advertising, selling a product without the charger, and unreasonable conditions.” In order to meet with safety regulations in France, the firm was required to implement a box-within-a-box solution.

iPhone chargers lawsuit

Despite the fact that the action is aimed at the iPhone 12, any decision would apply to the iPhone 13 and following devices.

One objection, however, is that the cable is useless on its own since it is a USB-C cord, and while everyone has a USB-A charger, not everyone has a USB-C charger.

Both the pupils and Apple are now required to provide further information in the case.

In Europe, Apple is likewise under legal pressure to move from Lightning to USB-C, but the timeframes are such that the business will either have done so or switched to portless iPhones before the regulation takes effect.

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