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How to use Plex to turn your old Mac into an unique video streaming service


With the strength of today’s Apple Silicon-based Macs, as well as the next generation Apple Silicon computers that might be released later this year, many Intel-based computers will be rendered obsolete. So why not use Plex to turn your old Mac into your own Netflix-style streaming service?

While creating your own streaming service may appear to be a difficult task, Plex makes it simple. Plex comes with two pieces of software: a server and a client. The server software is placed on a computer that saves copies of any movies, music, or television shows you wish to share. You may then use nearly any internet-connected device to access them.

How to install Plex Media Server:

Plex is straightforward to set up. Download and install the Plex Media Server app for your device from the downloads page. In your menu bar, you’ll notice the Plex symbol. Open Plex by selecting the icon and clicking it.


After you’ve completed the setup, go to the media settings and point to the folder where all of your movies, TV shows, and music are stored.


Plex will automatically search the internet after you’ve completed this setup to discover the poster, description, actors, and additional information for each of the files. You may view your files at as long as this server machine is turned on and Plex is operating. This should function automatically from any location.

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