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How To install Windows 11 on M1 Mac

After Microsoft announced the existence of Windows 11, the buzz is still running strong.

VirtualBox makes it simple to install Windows 11 on Windows, Linux, and Intel MacBooks. You’re also in luck if you’re utilizing Apple’s latest M1 Macs or Macbooks. This article will explain how to install Windows 11 on M1 Macs using a free program called UTM.

Install Windows 11 On M1 Macs

  • To get UTM, go to the official UTM for Macs page and select the Download option.
  • Install the UTM app.
  • Open the UTM app and click on Create a New Virtual Machine option.
  • Enter a name for the VM and click on save.
  • In the System tab, make sure to select the x86_64 Architecture.
  • At least 4GB of RAM should be allocated. Then, as indicated in the figure below, select Show Advanced Settings and allocate 4 CPU Cores.
  • The QEMU tab’s settings should be left alone. Click the New Drive button on the Drives tab.
  • Choose IDE as the interface and set the disk size to 40GB.
  • Select the Windows 11 ISO you downloaded and save it by clicking Import Drive.
  • Save everything and launch the Virtual Machine we just constructed from the main menu.
  • Go through the Windows 11 installation set up, and voila! That’s how to install Windows 11 on M1 Macs.

Keep that in mind. Because x86 OS emulation is sluggish, the installation process may take longer. As a result, the whole experience will be long and sluggish. Also, because UTM does not allow GPU emulation/virtualization, 3D acceleration is not available.

Are you looking forward to Windows 11? In the comments area below, share your views and opinions on the topic.

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