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Here’s what’s new in iOS 15.2 beta 1 as of today.

Apple has published the first beta of iOS 15.2 to developers. Today’s beta of iOS 15.2 comes just two days after the public release of iOS 15.1. It continues to bring additional features that were previously planned for iOS 15.0. Below, we’ve compiled a list of everything new in today’s update.

What’s new in iOS 15.2?

To begin with, iOS 15.2 brings the entire “App Privacy Report” functionality to the Settings app. While the interface was present in prior iterations, no data or information was displayed. Users may now view the data obtained by apps, including third-party apps and Apple apps, with iOS 15.2.

Apple explains:

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 introduced the Record App Activity feature in the privacy settings, allowing people to save a summary of sensor, data, and internet access by apps on their device.

In iOS 15.2 beta and iPadOS 15.2 Beta, this activity is presented in Settings in a new UI called App Privacy Report. This is a great opportunity to review your app’s sensor, data, and internet usage. To view your activity in the report, go to Settings > Privacy > App Privacy Report > Turn On App Privacy Report. Activity will show once you use your app. 

The Auto Call function of Emergency SOS has also been changed in iOS 15.2. You may now enable Auto Call to utilize one of two techniques for making an emergency call: holding the side button and a volume button simultaneously, or swiftly pressing the side button several times, according to Apple.

Previously, on iPhone X and newer, this feature could only be accessible by holding the side button and the volume button simultaneously. Users might push the side (or top) button five times quickly on previous smartphones. Apple is now allowing consumers to pick between these two options.

Both of these ways will now display an eight-second countdown before initiating an emergency call, according to Apple. This is an increase from the previous three-second countdown.

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