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For the next seven years, Germany wants Apple to upgrade and repair iPhones.

According to a new German government proposal to the European Union, Apple should demand security upgrades and spare parts for iPhones for at least seven years. Germany’s Ministry of Economics, according to Heise Online, also wants spare parts delivered “at a reasonable price.”

The German government’s expectations go beyond the EU Commission’s previously known plans, which call for smartphone companies such as Apple and Google to maintain upgrading and having replacement parts for five years, while tablet spare parts should be accessible for six years.

The ideas, according to DigitalEurope, which represents Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, go too far. Manufacturers should offer security updates for three years and function upgrades for two years, according to the organization.

DigitalEurope wants manufacturers to only supply screens and batteries as spare parts. Cameras, microphones, speakers, and connections, for example, would only need to be changed on rare occasions.

Although the European Union will have to decide how smartphone producers must operate in the bloc, and the large tech corporations will have to decide whether or not to follow, Apple has already been extending the life of its iPhones for several years. The iPhone 6s was released in 2015, and software upgrades are still available.

Apple stated at the most recent WWDC that customers can continue to run iOS 14 while still receiving security updates. In terms of spare components, Apple will almost certainly have to implement the Right to Repair policy in the United States.

As Apple tightens its restrictions, a Wall Street Journal story last month looked into the “Right to Repair” campaign. Journalist Joanna Stern demonstrated in the piece that it would be less expensive for Apple consumers to take their outdated Macs to a pair of independent repair businesses that charge less than half of what Apple does.

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