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For iOS 15 and iPhone 13 users, an update solves the ‘no audio’ glitch as well as layout difficulties.

In the App Store, Instagram has recently published an update for its iOS app that resolves two irritating issues. The updated version corrects a bug that caused Stories on iOS 15 to have no audio and layout difficulties for iPhone 13 users.

When the iPhone ringer switch was switched to quiet mode, the Instagram app no longer played videos with audio from the initial iOS 15 beta. Even if the user tried to increase the volume, the Instagram feed’s Stories and videos remained silent. Thankfully, the Instagram app has been updated to version 206.1, which addresses the issue.

Several customers had complained about the problem, which has since been resolved by the firm. Even when the iPhone is in quiet mode — as it should be — you may now listen to the audio of Instagram videos.

In addition to fixing the audio glitch, today’s Instagram update also addresses layout difficulties that iPhone 13 users have been experiencing. The top bar of the Instagram app was incorrectly positioned under the iOS status bar due to the new notch design. Despite the fact that the release notes don’t specify which problems were corrected, 9to5Mac was able to confirm that both issues have been resolved.

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