For $200/year, GeForce Now adds an RTX 3080 backend with 120fps streaming on PC and Android.

Since its introduction, Nvidia has announced the first major technological improvement to GeForce Now. GeForce Now will get a new backend in the coming weeks, with RTX 3080 power for improved framerates and resolution on PC and Android.

The “RTX 3080” tier on GeForce Now is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping next month. It gives gamers an improved backend with Nvidia’s “Superpod” server. While this new server does not employ the identical 3080 graphics cards that no one can obtain, it does use hardware that is extremely comparable and similarly powerful.

As a result of the new backend, GeForce Now will see significant improvements in resolution and framerate. On suitable devices, such as PCs with a 120hz display, players on the 3080 tier will be able to broadcast 120fps gameplay. Games may also be streamed at up to 1440p on PCs and Macs, with 4K HDR broadcasts available on the Nvidia Shield TV. Nvidia claims that the higher framerate will help reduce latency. The firm promises latency as low as 56 milliseconds, but this will, of course, vary depending on your location and internet connection. At this time, you should upgrade.

Unfortunately, Android users will not be able to access the higher resolution, which will instead default to 720p with a 1080p option. Because of the increased resolution, several game components, particularly text, would be difficult to see on smaller displays. Nvidia, on the other hand, is delivering 120Hz support to Android phones, beginning with the Galaxy S21 series and gradually extending. iPhones will not be upgraded at this time since Nvidia is compelled to stream through a web client.

The GeForce Now “Superpod” that runs this new RTX 3080 tier

The enhanced GeForce Now tier also allows for longer streaming, up to 8 hours, compared to the Priority Tier’s 6-hour limit. Users on this tier, according to Nvidia, will always have access to the more powerful hardware, even if they’re playing less demanding games.

While all of this is wonderful to see, it does come at a price. This new tier costs $99 for six months and $200 for the whole year. That’s double the price of Nvidia’s Priority tier, which uses an RTX 2080 comparable. Annual billing, for example, is no longer an option.

As previously stated, pre-orders for GeForce Now’s 3080 tier begin today, with delivery expected in November. “Limited numbers” of the tier are available.

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