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‘Everyone but Apple’ is affected by global chip supply restrictions.

According to recent wireless industry data, the current component and processor shortages afflicting the smartphone industry are now hurting “everyone including Apple.”

According to a new analysis from Wave7 Research, the shortages are impacting manufacturers of lower-cost Android devices, with Samsung and OnePlus taking the brunt of it. The shortages, on the other hand, do not appear to be impacting Apple’s iPhone, Mac, or iPad as much.

“Apple was able to lock down chipset supply far ahead of time, according to sources at Wave7 Research. Other OEMs were not in the same boat.

Qualcomm had previously stated in 2021 that it was for national security reasons “Apple looks to have dodged the brunt of the problem, which is inflicting havoc on a variety of sectors.

The shortages in the cellular industry appear to be hurting carriers, channels, and even shops in different ways. Supply limitations are impacting T-Mobile stores, according to one shop manager “Everyone except Apple.

The difficulties appear to be disproportionately hurting OnePlus, with the company’s market share dropping to 10% in August due to a shortage of specific models. Samsung appears to be prioritizing the manufacture of higher-end flagships, since availability of the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra has remained constant, but lower-cost handsets are out of stock in many stores.

Furthermore, as JP Morgan pointed out on Monday, Apple’s market share did not decline in July, as one might predict ahead of an iPhone launch in September. In other words, Apple isn’t suffering from the traditional summer slump.

However, Apple’s supply restrictions may ultimately catch up with it. Apple CFO Luca Maestri stated on the company’s most recent earnings call that supply difficulties will increase in the September quarter. According to Maestri, the issues might start to harm iPhone and iPad sales in particular.

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