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Component shortages for the iPhone 13 have been hinted to by Foxconn, as well as a new camera manufacturing technique.


Following Apple’s prior warning that supply problems with Macs and iPads might extend to iPhone manufacturing this quarter, Foxconn’s Q3 estimate suggests possible iPhone 13 component shortages.

In order to save costs, the firm is said to be employing a new iPhone camera manufacturing technique…


In April, Apple stated that the impact on iPhone manufacturing has been minimal thus far, but in July, the company cautioned that the situation will worsen this quarter…

In a conference call with investors, Apple executives also said that while the impact of the chip shortage was less severe than feared in the third quarter, it will get worse in the fourth [calendar Q3], extending to iPhone production.

In May, Foxconn also warned that the lead time for some chips might be up to a year.

Component shortages for the iPhone 13 have been rumored.

Foxconn reported strong earnings in the second quarter, but Reuters reports that the company is forecasting 3-15 percent growth in the current quarter, which is typically a busy time for iPhone production in the lead-up to fall sales – especially since Apple is expected to return to a September launch.

Foxconn, which assembles Apple’s iPhones, reported a consensus-beating 30% surge in quarterly profit on Thursday but cautioned it would have to “wait and see” if the worsening COVID-19 crisis in Asia would hurt its supply chain […]

For the Taiwanese company, demand for smartphones has been the main driver of record high net profit and revenue in the first half of the year, Chief Financial Officer David Huang said on a conference call to discuss second-quarter results […]

Chairman Liu Young-way said the forecasts were based on the pandemic development at the moment.

The epidemic situation appears to be worsening in Asia,” he said. “Because Asia is the key global hub for ICT components, it needs to be closely watched whether the epidemic will have an impact to the overall supply chain,” he said, referring to the supply chain for tech products.

The broad range of projections made by Foxconn exemplifies how unclear the situation is right now.

Component shortages are especially concerning, given that Apple is allegedly aiming to produce 90 million iPhone 13 devices this year, which is 20% more than it ordered for the iPhone 12.

Assembling a new iPhone camera

According to a different story in The Elec, Foxconn is using a new camera assembly method this year in order to save costs.

Up to last year, Apple has procured double and triple camera modules from its suppliers LG InnoTek, Sharp and O’Film that are pre-assembled.

But it is now procuring these camera modules individually and gave the job of assembly to Foxconn. The measure is being done to save cost.

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