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As the Nest Hub AQI begins to emerge, the Google Home app adds a ‘Air Quality’ setting.

Google said last month that the Nest Hub would begin displaying Air Quality Index (AQI) data in the United States. Many people are now seeing a new setting in the Google Home app, however the actual reading is still not available on Smart Displays.

When you open the Google Home app and go to device settings, you’ll see a new option called “Air quality” under the “Photo Frame” menu. It displays beneath “Banner notifications” and “Weather,” with the default setting of “Hide.” If you scroll down in the “Hey Google, adjust photo frame” menu on your smartphone, it will appear.

Show air quality when available in your area.

Switching that new choice to “Show” however, does not activate AQI on the Nest Hub and Hub Max devices we tested over the last several days.

This weekend, we saw the Air Quality label in the bottom-left corner time and weather condition/temperature widget on one Smart Display without having to manually switch on the option.

When the app is up and running, touching it will bring up the complete report, which includes a color-coded bar/scale and data from three or so surrounding stations. To receive the official advisory, you can enlarge each location’s readings. “Hey Google, what’s the air quality around me?” and other variations can also be used to get this information.

There haven’t been any instances of the top-right Air Quality card showing up, however it may be saved for “Unhealthy” AQI and act as a warning message. Google said in August that this feature will be available “in the coming weeks.”

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