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Apple’s Powerful Surprise Revealed by New MacBook Leaks

Apple is designing a new series of MacBook Air notebooks with more power and higher specifications for its macOS portables aimed at consumers. These will be available alongside Apple’s current entry-level Silicon computers, which were released last year.

Those who follow the MacBook Pro portfolio will recognize this division. Despite the fact that the macOS laptop lineup is in flux due to Apple’s shift away from Intel processors to its own silicon, the catalogue clearly distinguishes between “low” and “high” MacBook Pro machines.

This is evident in the most recent Intel-powered MacBook Pro 13-inch versions, which were released early last year. Around the $1200 mark, you had the machines with the lowest specs, both in terms of processor choice and I/O option; whereas the better specced machines, perhaps the most ‘Pro-like’ computers, developed their own tier around the $1700 mark.

While the M1 processor is thought to be more competent than the Intel chip, it’s worth noting that the M1 MacBook Pro machines are priced in the “low” MacBook Pro range, while the M1X MacBook Pros, which are expected later this year, will be priced in the “high” MacBook Pro range.

Now it appears that Apple will now sell a “premium” class of MacBook Air notebooks.

This is a case of identification, with pieces of the puzzle coming from Mark Gurman, Jon Prosser, and Ming-Chi Kuo, among others.

You have the promise of the new M1X processor, which will provide more power than the current M1-equipped MacBook Air, a new design of the MacBook Air alongside of the MacBook Pro, which will create a significant point of differentiation between ‘low’ and ‘high,’ and you have various specs coming out, including the I/O options of two USB-C ports and various colours.

In summary, we are looking at the most significant redesign of the MacBook Air since the debut of the ‘tapered’ MacBook Air in 2010. (with an honourable nod to the introduction of the Retina Screen in 2019).

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