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Apple’s new “Private Relay”

These days, security is top of mind for everyone, with more people than ever wanting to keep their browsing data safe from prying eyes. Apple is launching a new way to use your iPhone without worrying about your personal information being leaked to unknown parties.

Private Relay is part of Apple’s new iCloud+ service, which offers various security-focused capabilities to all current iCloud members at no additional cost. Although Apple does not call Private Relay a VPN, it functions similarly. After you’ve enabled it, you’ll be able to browse Safari safely and secretly, with all of your data being encrypted before it leaves your device. All requests are routed through two internet relays, and no one can see what you’re looking at – not even Apple.

For anyone with an iPhone, iCloud+ will be a significant advance in mobile security when it launches later this year. To use Private Relay, you’ll need to be on a premium iCloud plan.

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