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Apple’s Magical Feature is Revealed in a Stunning iPhone Leak


The cut-off, While the competition has been working on ways to minimize the visual impact of the front-facing camera and related sensors, Apple has always maintained a prominent notch.

What if Apple could eliminate the notch and hide the selfie camera and other scanners? These are currently expected to be buried beneath a screen and work through the display layer (much like the embedded fingerprint readers on Android). But what if there was a way to get the benefits of a notch without the electronics, as well as a full display without cut-outs or interruptions?

It may be desirable to hide cameras and other input-output devices from view when not in use. Accordingly, the electronic device may be provided with one or more adjustable windows. The windows may be formed in display window regions that overlap input-output devices in the electronic device. For example, a window may overlap a camera or other optical component.

Electronic devices with adjustable display windows

The current iPhone design was established with the iPhone X in 2017. The forward-facing sensors, projectors, and cameras have been contained in an elongated visible notch at the top of the screen since then. While Android makers have tried a variety of techniques to incorporate the sensors, Apple hasn’t done much with the notch or handset design.

Apple rarely makes significant design changes, and the iPhone X was the first since the iPhone 6. The patent would be a good fit for Apple’s strategy of retaining a consistent design while transitioning to a “all-screen” iPhone.

Patents do not ensure that the technology will be used in any retail models, but they do highlight areas where a company’s research and development teams are headed. And, in the case of the iPhone, it appears that hiding the notch is at the top of the priority list.

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