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Apple will account for a third of all 5G sales due to high demand for the iPhone 13.

According to a recent market intelligence assessment, Apple will likely account for a third of worldwide 5G smartphone sales in 2021 because to the expected strength of iPhone 13 demand.

Counterpoint predicted that even without any surprising new features, demand for this year’s iPhone range would remain high…

According to Counterpoint, Apple will build on the iPhone 12 platform.

Apple’s iPhone 12 and upcoming 13 series devices are set to spike Q4 2021 global 5G shipments to nearly 200m units, helping grow 2021 total shipments to 605m, according to Counterpoint Research’s latest Mobile Handset Shipment Forecasts.

Last year, Apple’s iPhone 12 accounted for 24% of all 5G smartphone shipments globally, despite a late launch in October. This year, with an earlier launch for the iPhone 13 and continued strong appetite for iOS, Counterpoint sees Apple taking 33% of all global 5G shipments.

The iPhone 13’s claimed camera enhancements appear to be enough to persuade me to buy one, and the bigger battery capacity has also been mentioned by customers as a major selling point.

Many people are interested in ProMotion because it offers a high refresh rate on one hand and the possibility for an always-on display on the other.

Despite the lack of notable new features, Counterpoint claims that many iPhone customers are just in the proper upgrade window this year.

he US will again be the biggest shipment driver globally, and Jeff Fieldhack, Research Director for North America, believes “even without any ‘must-have’ specs, there will be tremendous appetite for upgrading because the iOS base is old in the US. Holding periods are nearing four years. iOS faithful are ready for new devices.”

While 5G has yet to gain traction in the United States, carriers are working hard to make it a more enticing option.

Changes to the North American carrier landscape will also provide a boost to 5G, and especially Apple. Mr. Fieldhack observes “T-Mobile has a 5G lead with its mid-band (2.5GHz) rollout and it will be aggressive in order to gain as many iOS subscribers as possible before Verizon and AT&T’s mid-band (3.5GHz) rollouts. The latter remains very aggressive upgrading both the base and switchers with aggressive promotions, and Verizon will need to keep pace to avoid missing out on premium 5G subscribers. The promotions in Q4 will be at very high levels – helping Apple.”

Other variables will also play a part in boosting demand for the iPhone 13.

“Combine all of the above with a nice pricing surprise like we saw last year, and it’s possible Apple could hit a significant milestone in terms of US installed base, where Android has been bleeding share to iOS, which now sits at around 44%. A strong holiday season, some economic recovery, further COVID easing and continued privacy and services push from Cupertino could certainly be enough to nudge the balance in Apple’s favor.”

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