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Apple TV and Apple Watch Keyboard notifications may now be turned off in iOS 15.1 again.

When iOS 15 was introduced to the public last month, a frequent criticism regarding alerts immediately surfaced. Apple had a specific mechanism to deactivate Apple Watch Keyboard and Apple TV Keyboard alerts on your iPhone in earlier versions of iOS, but this option was removed without explanation in iOS 15.

iOS 15.1 is now being tested by developers and public beta users, and it appears that this version brings back the ability to turn off Apple TV and Apple Watch Keyboard alerts…

As a reminder, anytime you see a text input screen on your Apple TV or Apple Watch, you’ll get a notice on your iPhone with instructions on how to enter the text. This is considerably more convenient than trying to write the text on your Apple TV or Apple Watch.

So, why would you want to turn off these alerts? Apple TV Keyboard alerts may get a little out of hand if you have numerous Apple TVs in the home, especially if they’re being used by youngsters, as iOS 15 users immediately pointed out last month.

Apple has reinstated the settings that enable users to turn off Apple TV Keyboard and Apple Watch Keyboard alerts in the newest iOS 15.1 beta. To locate these toggles, go to your iPhone’s Settings app, choose “Notifications,” and then look for “Apple TV Keyboard” and “Apple Watch Keyboard” choices.

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