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Apple says that the iPhone 13’s battery capacity has increased considerably, with up to 2.5 hours of greater battery life.

Apple made a big fuss of battery life in the new iPhone range during its presentation on Tuesday. The iPhone 13 small should last around 1.5 hours longer on a single charge, while the iPhone 13 could last up to 2.5 hours longer. In comparison to the corresponding iPhone 12 models, the same price hikes were revealed for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Apple has now revealed official battery capacity for the phones in a file on the Chemtrec website. Capacity is up across the board, which is unsurprising…

Increases in efficiency – processors that do the same but use less energy — and/or physically bigger batteries are the most common ways to extend battery life. With the more efficient A15 processor and larger battery cells within, the iPhone 13 is likely to benefit from these aspects.

According to the information given, the iPhone 13 small will have a battery capacity of 9.57 watt hours, up from 8.57 watt hours in the iPhone 12 mini, or an 11.6 percent increase.

The basic iPhone 12 has a battery capacity of 10.78 watt hours. Apple has increased the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 by 15% to 12.41 watt hours.

The iPhone 12 Pro’s battery was the same as the iPhone 12, at 10.78 watt hours, however the iPhone 13 Pro’s battery is now 11.97 watt hours, an increase of 11%.

Finally, Apple’s biggest phone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, now has a battery capacity of 16.75 watt hours. This is an increase of 18% over last year’s 12 Pro Max, which featured a 14.13 watt hour battery.

The 13 Pro Max is certified for 28 hours of continuous movie playing, according to Apple’s tech specifications pages. Even the tiniest 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini should be able to watch videos for 17 hours. Of course, actual results will be lower because real-world use is more demanding than merely viewing a video. However, receiving an extra hour or two of real-world use, as promised in Apple’s presentation, will be quite welcome.

Larger batteries, of course, come at a cost in terms of bulk and weight. All iPhone 13 models are, in fact, somewhat heavier than their previous-generation equivalents. Customers have repeatedly demonstrated that they value lengthy battery life on their phones, so the tradeoff should be well worth it.

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