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Apple is now allowing developers to use Xcode Cloud.

Apple began telling developers today that the new Xcode Cloud service, which was first announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, is now available.

What is Xcode Cloud?

Xcode Cloud is a continuous integration and delivery tool for Apple developers that is embedded into Xcode. It brings together cloud-based technologies that enable you build apps, run automated tests in parallel, distribute apps to testers, and view and manage user feedback to speed up the creation and delivery of high-quality apps.

In only a few minutes, you can set up and start creating most apps in Xcode Cloud, with the build status displayed in Xcode and reports revealing the results in Xcode shortly after the build is completed. Xcode Cloud optimizes your build settings using information from your Xcode project.

Configure Xcode Cloud to test one or two device types for a rapid check on the health of your project, or test a wider range of device configurations for edge cases less regularly. While you and your Mac continue to code, Xcode Cloud allocates resources in parallel to complete the testing work swiftly.

To obtain access to the Xcode Cloud beta, you must be an Apple Developer Program Account Holder as of June 7, 2021. You must also read and accept the most recent Apple Developer Program License Agreement, which was published on June 7, 2021.

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