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Apple introduces AirPods 3, which have a new design, spatial audio, and other features.

Apple officially debuted the third version of its popular wireless earbuds during its October special event. AirPods 3 has a redesigned design based on AirPods Pro, but with a universal fit and support for Spatial Audio.

AirPods 3 has a shorter stem, a more in-ear design, and a new battery case, comparable to AirPods Pro. The new entry-level AirPods, unlike the AirPods Pro, have a universal fit rather than the adjustable silicone tips.

As a result, AirPods 3 lack sophisticated features such as Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode, which are only available on the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. They do, however, include Spatial Audio, which is a first for the AirPods’ entry-level model. AirPods 3 detect the user’s head motions thanks to improved sensors, resulting in an immersive surround audio experience.

AirPods 3 now officially support Find My Network and MagSafe charger, and battery life has been enhanced to up to 6 hours on a full charge.

The AirPods 3 will retail for $179 and will be available for pre-order starting today.

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