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Apple has made macOS Monterey available to the general public; should you update now or wait?

Apple has made macOS Monterey available to the general public; should you update now or wait?

Apple has made macOS Monterey available to the general public, who wants to update can download the macOS Monterey update from the Software Update section of the System Preferences app.

Monterey has made overall enhancements as well as modest new features that make a great impact, in addition to toned-down hues. While you should never switch to a new OS without first testing it, macOS Monterey’s beta process had no major issues, making it a more reliable proposition when you do.

The main reason for upgrading now is to have access to the majority of the new features. Monterey offers Quick Note, Live Text, and Focus if you’re looking for new productivity tools. If you have an older MacBook and spend a lot of time controlling battery life, the new Low Power Mode can be quite useful. If you have a more recent Mac, you can use the AirPlay to Mac function to stream entertainment from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. The Shared with You feature in Photos, Safari, Apple News, Apple Podcasts, and the Apple TV app is a handy way to categorize the items you save or receive.

Hide My Email, which allows you to establish email aliases for your real email account, HomeKit Secure Video support, and Private Relay, which hides your IP address and location while you’re online, are all included with iCloud+. The Maps and Books applications are also better than they’ve ever been. Safari also has a few new features, one of which is Tab Groups, which allows you to categorize webpages, which is useful for people who conduct a lot of research online.


While watching TV episodes and movies, listening to music, or sharing your screen with SharePlay, keep your FaceTime discussions continuing. It’s a whole new way to share events with family and friends, no matter how far apart they are.

The most notable new feature is Focus Mode

It doesn’t seem like the most interesting feature, and it lacks Universal Control’s aesthetic impact. However, the importance of Focus Mode cannot be overstated.

Do Not Disturb has been available for a long time, and it presumably kicks in nighttime regardless. While you’re driving, it absolutely turns on.

Focus Mode, on the other hand, has already surpassed it, allowing you to fine-tune when and how you can be interrupted. Maybe you always want your spouse to be able to contact you, but you’re so focused on your tax return right now that you’d prefer avoid spam calls or calls from your relatives.

It’s all about efficiency and structure

Live Text, Focus Mode, and Safari’s Tab Groups are all new features in macOS Monterey, yet they all seem to fit with a theme. Everything seems to be geared around saving you time, making routine chores easier, better, or more efficient in some way.

You won’t have to retype text since you can choose it, and you won’t be disturbed while working because you can use Focus Mode.

You may have simply entered text that you had previously copied. You might also choose to ignore alerts. But with macOS Monterey, everything is designed to let you accomplish more of what you need, quicker.

Plus Apple appears to prefer that you have these features when you need them, rather than before. It’s not meant to be necessary for you to learn anything new in order to continue working.

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