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Apple confirms outage affecting its iCloud Private Relay service.

The iCloud Private Relay service is temporarily unavailable, according to Apple’s System Status page. This implies that customers with iCloud Private Relay activated on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac may experience difficulty loading webpages and more.

Private Relay, according to Apple, is a function meant to provide users with an additional degree of privacy while browsing the web. The first relay is transmitted through an Apple server, while the second is relayed through a third-party operator. The downtime today might be caused by problems with Apple’s third-party operator, but the firm hasn’t given any specifics at this time.

Over the summer, Apple debuted iCloud Private Relay at WWDC. Apple then changed its mind, stating that the functionality will be released “as a public beta to collect more input and enhance website compatibility.” As a result, in the iOS 15 and macOS Monterey versions, it is deactivated by default.

Facebook Messenger, Workplace Chat, and Instagram Direct are also experiencing an outage, according to Meta. If both are caused by problems with a third-party provider like Cloudflare, this might be linked to the iCloud Private Relay outage.

Apple’s System Status homepage contains no new information about the iCloud Private Relay outage. Instead, the business just says the problem is “ongoing” and that it started about 1:40 p.m. ET.

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