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Apple claims that allowing sideloading on iPhones will put users’ privacy and security at risk.

Apple said in a new document posted to its privacy website that the App Store is critical to keeping users safe because it reviews all apps and app updates submitted to ensure they are free of inappropriate content, privacy invasions, known malware, and other violations of the App Store Review Guidelines.

The paper quotes Nokia’s 2020 Threat Intelligence Report, which concluded that Android smartphones were infected with considerably more malware than iPhones, owing to Android’s ability to sideload software from outside of the Google Play store.

Allowing sideloading, according to Apple, could force users to accept privacy and security risks because some apps required for work, school, or other tasks may no longer be available on the App Store, and scammers could trick users into believing they are downloading apps safely from the App Store when they are not.

Finally, Apple stated that customers would have to continuously be on the watch for frauds since they would never know who or what to trust, and that as a consequence, many consumers would download fewer apps from fewer developers. Apple, on the other hand, referred to the App Store as a “trusted location,” claiming that its several levels of security offer customers with a “unparalleled level of protection from harmful applications,” providing them peace of mind.

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