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All of the changes and improvements in iOS 15 beta 3


Apple is making progress toward the release of iOS 15. A variety of new and current features were tweaked and refined in the third developer beta.


In Safari, you can now use the contextual menu to refresh a page by long-pressing the clever universal search bar. This was previously hidden or needed users to refresh by pulling down.

Safari now has additional Quick Search options, allowing you to search on a specific website like Google or Wikipedia, and Safari’s search results now mirror the system design, similar to how Spotlight searches.

In Safari, the universal search box is similarly pushed to the bottom. The URL bar sat at the bottom of the screen in the first two betas, but when tapped, it jumped to the top for text entry. It now sits just above the keyboard, which makes it significantly less disturbing.


Focus is a key new feature in iOS 15, and beta 3 has some enhancements.

Prior to this beta, you’d have to manually whitelist everyone who wanted to contact you in a specific focus mode. Apple has just included the ability for anyone to call you. This is a lot simpler to set up.

Focus Status now has a new explanation in the Settings app. As they alter their emphasis, this helps new users comprehend what they’re sharing with others in the Messages app.

There are new location-based suggestions for Focus modes, as well as new glyphs in the settings for Focus.

Other changes

  • The music widget has been changed to match the color of the currently playing album in the Settings app.
  • Maps spoken directions now offer new options.
  • When you reset an iPhone, a new view appears to help you transition to a new iPhone.
  • Instead of the text, an icon now appears when entering text from the camera.

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