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According to reports, Apple is inquiring about employees’ COVID-19 immunization status.


Following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments about mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for employees, the business is now reportedly requesting employees to reveal their vaccination status at specific places.

Apple has issued vaccination guidelines as it prepares to hire more employees. The company is particularly interested in learning whether returning employees have been vaccinated in order to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

It’s worth noting that Apple doesn’t prevent employees from entering its premises if they haven’t obtained a vaccination shot. At facilities with unvaccinated employees or those who refuse to reveal their vaccination status, further safeguards will be taken.

It’s unclear when Apple implemented the vaccination policies, but the news comes only a day after Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the company is considering requiring employees to get vaccines.

Apple had planned to return corporate staff to work in September, but the return was postponed until at least October as the more virulent delta strain spread over the world. Apple’s intentions have been met with resistance from employees who have become accustomed to working from home, but their protests have so far gone unheeded.

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