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According to Microsoft, the design of Windows 11 will have no impact on performance.


Despite the fact that many people are unhappy with Windows 11, the new operating system features a completely new design that allows us to move away from the Metro interface that has been in use since Windows 8.

Microsoft’s Fluent Design is a never-ending design language journey that continues to evolve with Windows, although it hasn’t yet reached every corner of Windows and Microsoft programs.

With Windows 11 on the horizon, Microsoft is rethinking its Fluent Design strategy and adopting its new design language across all of its applications and web pages.

But how will all of these new textures and skins effect the computers on which we run the OS? The Redmond-based IT firm claims it will not.

What is Mica, and how does it affect your operating system?

Windows 11 comes with a new design material called Mica, which is a soft dynamic material that brings the theme closer to the desktop wallpaper as part of this update.

When you browse settings or first-party applications like Edge, it’s evident what it’s for. Mica will use color to establish a visual hierarchy by coloring the background of numerous application windows and settings.

Mica will be the most prevalent design feature on Microsoft’s future operating system, and it will appear in a variety of applications as well as the operating system itself.

It allows the background of the desktop behind the window to pass through in a hazy focus. Mica material can be found in the file explorer, settings interface, Microsoft Teams, and other locations in the preview version.

Mica by Fluent Design is dense and semi-transparent, and the transparency effect can be seen behind the application window or on the desktop background.

Mica did, however, refresh the application window, adding themes and desktop wallpapers as well as creating the background.

Mica, according to Microsoft, will have no impact on device performance.

Microsoft said in a recent Q&A session that the Mica material does not save the desktop wallpaper every frame, instead blurring the image once to deliver a better performance and experience than the effect.

Kevin Gallo, Head of Microsoft Developer Platform (Kevin Gallo), had the following to say about the matter.

Performance is indeed our top priority. We want to make sure that all these interesting new features (mica and rounded corners) are super fast and will not affect the operating system. For example, compared with acrylic special effects, mica is a special Designed for higher performance. For rounded corners, we optimized our rendering performance, so you should not notice any difference compared to square corners.

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